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The Sunny Boy inverter from SMA is our first choice of string inverters for our solar energy systems. The Sunny Boy is slightly dearer than other string inverters but in our experience they are far more reliable than any other inverter brand we have used.

We have been using SMA inverters for over 6 years now. We have found the SMA Sunny Boy and Sunny Mini Central inverters enormously reliable over the years.

It is not that the SMA inverters work any better or any more efficiently than some of the cheaper brands it is more than they fail less often. In our experience we would estimate that an SMA inverter would only fail around 1 in 100 compared to other brands of inverters we have tried have had failure rates as high as 1 in three and the norm is around 1 in 20. This is why we are so loyal to Sunny Boy inverters. They have earned it.

The second reason is how SMA reacts when we notify them of a failure. They usually ship a new unit to your house within 1-2 days meaning that you only need an electrician out once to install the replacement. Other inverter companies make you take the inverter off and ship it back to them to get fixed. This takes time, costs money and requires two call outs from an electrician.

In addition, SunnyBoy Micro Inverters are the easiest to install with pre assembled AC connection plugs and cables. The Multigate paired with the free Sunny Portal application provides unrivaled monitoring through the internet, and smart phones.

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Solar Wholesalers believes that micro-inverters are a great option when you come across a difficlut install or have shading issues, installing Micro inverters also reduces the risk of DC fires to almost nil, DC fires have always been our biggest fear when using String inverters as the DC does not get converted to AC until it gets to the inverter that is often installed 30-50 feet from the array. We recommend the Enphase M215 as they can handle up to 270W of DC power.

Enphase has been at the forefront of Micro Inverter technology and are the most popular micro inverters available.

Over the years Enphase has continually produced top quality micro-inverters with and industry leading 25 year warranty.

Enphase micro M215 spec sheet

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