What is the process

With Solar Wholesalers your solar power installation process starts with you ordering a solar kit from our office. We will provide information about energy yield, warranty terms, model numbers and other useful information.

Once a deposit has been received we will prepare the kit and hold it until your system has been approved and full payment has been received. We will provide you with contact details for at least two installers. These installers will charge you a price independently depending in the install specifics. We will provide a standard estimate for your area however it is your responsibility to confirm specifics such as price, install date and other requirements.

Solar Wholesalers can handle your applications and approvals for $500. Once these have been received we will request full payment of the outstanding balance.

We will then ship your system to your install address.

You will generally receive your system 1-2 weeks after full payment. You will need to be home so the delivery driver can place it in a safe spot until your install date.

Your chosen installer will then mount your new solar panels on your roof, and install the wiring back through to your inverter – which is normally mounted near your power box for easy access.

Once the switch is flicked ‘ON’ your house will instantly start benefiting from your newly installed solar system.