How can you sell systems so cheap?

The reason that Solar Wholesalers can provide the best price on residential solar energy systems for your home is because of its unique business model.

We offer consumers a new model for purchasing home solar power systems. We ship the equipment to you; give you the names of some local accredited solar installers. You then organize the installation of the equipment with these people.

The reason you would do this is that is can reduce the overall cost of getting a solar power system for your home by around 40-80%.

In many parts of America there is little volume in solar and so solar retailers in these areas have to put on large margins when they do a job to cover their fixed overheads. If a solar company in Idaho only does 2 jobs per week and has overheads of $8,000 then they need to add $4,000 per job just to cover their overheads. If the same installer in California is doing 6 jobs per week then they only need to add $1,000 per job to cover their overheads allowing them to be $3,000 cheaper.

The situation is made worse by the fact that the small installer has to pay quite a lot more for his or her solar panels, inverters and racking compared to a large installer who can purchase in container volumes.

This is why average costs of residential solar systems varies so much across the US.

A 5kw system in many parts of America sell for around $20,000. In California this is more likely to be around $15,000 for the reasons mentioned above but we sell all the equipment for a premium 5kw solar system for $8,900. You will generally have to pay an electrician between $2,500 – $3,500 to install such a system (3 guys usually get it done in a day), add freight about $200 meaning your total cost under our model is around $12,100 saving a California solar consumer $2,900 and a consumer in a small solar state around $8,000.

We think it is worth a few hours of time and filling in some paperwork to save between $2,900 to $8,000