Solar Panels For Your Home

Your home can benefit from solar power and a home solar energy system

Solar Wholesalers is a solar power company in California. We sell home solar power systems in all areas of California

We have been in selling solar power systems since 2013. We think our business model is the right one for solar power because what clients tell us they really want is systems that will work for long periods of time without issues. This can only be achieved using the highest quality components.

Solar Wholesalers pride themselves on offering the best value solar systems, and no that doesn’t mean we’re the cheapest (because this would necessitate the use of low quality equipment).

To provide the most reliable systems we use the most reliable components . We only use trusted and accredited crews of full time installers who are outstanding tradespeople.

Is solar power still a good idea after changes to net metering program in California?

We think it is!

The truth is that the return on a 6kw solar system, at the current prices, delivers the average customer a return on their money of around 12%-16% even after the recent changes in government policies.

(Based on production of 7,800 kwh per year, and an average price of 30 cents per kWh total return $2370 on a net cost of 15000).

Solar power systems have got a lot cheaper in the last year and the price of power has gone up a lot. The return on your investment you get from a home solar power system in CA is the best it has ever been.

If you’re interested in getting solar for your home, contact us. We are small enough to care but large enough to offer great pricing on the very best quality systems.